Malin Rouge

Malin Rouge
Malin Rouge
Fast! Urban Gardening auf dem Tempelhofer Feld :) So mega schön da
Malin Rouge
I love this look so so much! Basically everything from your account - instant follow! Wish I had more hearts to give today :D
Malin Rouge
Hey guys, I finally figured it out! I wanted to add a Lookbook fan box widget to my homepage, but adding the widget to my new wordpress blog just made the whole blog look messed up. Someone told me this is because of the old ajax jquery code that is in there. If you want to use the Lookbook widgets, you will have to modify the code a bit. I found the answer nowhere and I asked in a Worpress coding forum for help. Someone there actually managed to fix the code! You can see the working code here on my blog: sparkandbark.com/

Take my code as example. It’s this one:

And I had to turn it into this:


You have to remove the ajax code and put another one right before the rest.
When LB doesn't show my code in the comments check it out here: wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/224853/widget-wont-work-due-to-old-javascript-any-ideas-how-to-make-it-work
Malin Rouge
The classy coat is amazing and it goes surprisingly well with the sporty cap :)
Malin Rouge
Loving the boots, loving the coat, loving the look :)
Malin Rouge
This looks like a scene from a movie I would love to watch :)
Malin Rouge
Grim black and pretty pink were supposed to clash - love to see those colors together :)
Malin Rouge
And your coat goes BAM !!
Malin Rouge
I love the vintage look, the skirt is amazing!!
Malin Rouge
Ohh I love the boho vibe :)
Malin Rouge
For some reason nothing looks too girly on you, its always badass!
Malin Rouge
I usually dont like those kind of tops, but I love love this one :D true!
Malin Rouge
I love the color combination of brown and red, works so well together :)
Malin Rouge
Those trousers <3
Malin Rouge
Ich komm dich später kitzeln mit tiny arms
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