Jen O. Cide

Jen O. Cide
Jen O. Cide
aw thanks! <3 I guess I just haven't been into the forums lately, I haven't been on there in aaages
Jen O. Cide
digging the shape & colour of this skirt.
Jen O. Cide
classy look, cool skirt.
Jen O. Cide
super colour combo! thanks for the hype.
Jen O. Cide
Jen O. Cide
omg these are the most precious socks in the worrrrrrld I need them!
Jen O. Cide
WOW, those shoes!
Jen O. Cide
I want this whole outfit.
Jen O. Cide
this is pretty much how I dressed in grade 7 & 8. love it!
Jen O. Cide
I love how you can go from chavvy tomboy to 90s grunge to summer beach babe without missing a beat and without looking like a sad tryhard.
keep on rockin in the free world.
Jen O. Cide
you are just the cutest and I love these colours & shoes & everything about this!

also I love that moment on that show because I do that sort of thing to people all the time...
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