Eloise Alice

Eloise Alice
This is such an amazing outfit! <3
Ana Maria
great blouse! love it
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Ana Maria
sooo cute!
Check out my profile for more outfit inspiration.
Ana Vieira
oh hello spring! :p love this!
Outfit Reviewer
Your outfit is totally gorgeous! Every piece has something that adds to the elegance of the look -- the lace in the blouse, the pleats and belt strap in the pants, and the t-strap in the heels. I real the blog post, and see that you got those heels for different reasons, but they really do add a touch of class. Plus, the t-strap, with the nude color being so close to your skin tone, keeps the shoes from fading in to the background.

You chose a good color combination, too. The white blouse really causes the outfit to pop. The blouse itself stands out, being the brightest color and the only white, while also, being a different color, causing the pants (and shoes) to stand out. Your beautiful brown hair, being a similar color, also plays in to the outfit to enhance the look. The pants and shoes, and your hair, work together to complement each other. This look is so beautiful on you.
you look beautiful
Edyta Bujnicka
beautiful. i have similar pants
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