Nadya L

Nadya L
Nadya L
מהמם :)
Nadya L
where did u get those shoes?!
Nadya L
really cute shoes
Nadya L
so pretty :)
Nadya L
this dress is simply beautiful!!!
Nadya L
I guess I want to know why does it always seem to be "curvy or skinny" or "fat or skinny"... maybe ladies (and men) wouldn't feel so bad about their body type if the world/media/culture didn't focus so much on it. Why not ask something like "smart or clever".. or "Shy or outgoing?" or my favorite "Chocolate or Vanilla?"

however, I personally am sickened when I see the models used on Vogue and other well known magazines... the girls look literally like they're starving. Makes me want to take them out to dinner - and not for a date!
Nadya L
love the colors
Nadya L
i love the feel of this look!
Nadya L
i'm totally lusting over those shoes!
Nadya L
You're sooo handsome!
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