Lottie Greenwood

Lottie Greenwood
Paige Erin
cute style:) if you fan me i'll fan you!
. .
hype! black tights make everything so awesome
. .
cute, love the colors!
Michelle Bobe
So cute! What a free spirit you are!
Iza Artillero
Awesome + Cute :) Hyped! Hope you check out my looks x
Marin Monroe .
Thank you for becoming a fan!
Eric Barmore
loving your fun style!
its so cute!
Emily L
aww nice, i went into zara the other day n they had loads of pretty dresses, on sale, but i had no money :( r the tops like jersy fabric tee type, or a cami type of thing?
Emily L
ooh i haven't tried that but sounds gooood, i might hve too. oh kwl, shopping, (today was a day ago, if so, wat did you buy?)
Emily L
oh kwl, lol i shop there too. looooove shakeaways, i have a cerme egg, with marshmallows mixed in n malteasers on top YUM!!
Emily L
oh lovely, wat beach? yup i live in purley. wherebouts in reading do you shop? xx
Emily L
haha, im not enjoying it so much, its nice wen im going out swimming or walking in fields ect. but wen im trying to sleep!! its awful! lol thankss, i lke yours too, spesh, 'leaning on the lampost' i think i might have seen that dressin punkyfish maybe of hard edge, n i would have bought it if i'd had the money, xx
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