Sooz M

Sooz M
Sooz M
Hey I was thinking about packing leggings instead of pants/jeans Do you think this is a good idea?
Sooz M
Nos estamos quedando atrás por no subir ya nada :( jajaja ya hay que subir looks, besos.
Sooz M
I love your hair.
Sooz M
I jus saw Brigitte Bardot on a longboard instead of a Harley...
Sooz M
Faned, hyped and loved.
Sooz M
Super duper Hype :) I LOVE THIS I want a Rush T-Shirt, actually that is how i found this look. And Yeah you should keep those tattoos.
Sooz M
This song used to be my fave, then he broke my heart.
Sooz M
Lovely lovely
Fan and hyped
Sooz M
Hola, bonito español :D
I like your hair :)
Sooz M
Wow, your hair looks so damn cool in here I love it.
Sooz M
Yeah, this reminds me Madeline too :) like it so much.
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