Erin L.T

Erin L.T
Erin L.T
Thankyou :)
Erin L.T

P.s I fanned u as well...
Erin L.T
4 headed god, two heads looking forward two heads looking back...

The location for your look is also utterly amazing... :)
Erin L.T
Belobog, Bilobog, Belbog, Bialbog, Byelobog, Bielobog, Belun or Bylun (all names meaning White God) is a reconstructed Slavic deity of light and Sun, the counterpart of dark and cursed Chernobog (Black God). It is uncertain whether such a deity was ever worshipped by polytheist Slavs, as there are no reliable historic records which mention this name. While in the past a great deal of scholars studying Slavic mythology took the dualism of Belobog and Czernobog for granted, modern research of the matter makes this theory very hard to maintain.
P.s great look :)
Erin L.T
He is a god of thunder and lightning. Peroun hurls arrows- lightning, fustigates the clouds - it means that he is angry. Winds and driving storms are Peroun's breath. In winter Peroun dies and repose in the coffin-cloud. The Eagle, the Raven, the Bantam and the Falcon serve him. Peroun is the patron of all cultivators, blacksmiths, and gallant soldiers.
Erin L.T
Ancestor of the winds of eight directions
Erin L.T
έψιλον, 5, this look and the caption are amaze balls as is you :)

I'd love if some people could follow me as I'm new to this site :3
Erin L.T
Thanks lovelys :)
Erin L.T
Yay!!! Finally the ep is up, it was soo good specially the twist at the end from Marc Jacobs :D
Erin L.T
What time does ep 8 go on the website??? Cannot wait any longer....
Erin L.T
Loving the look!
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