Dayana Shenanigans

Dayana Shenanigans
Lilian Larrañaga
Thank you so much Dayana! :D
Azure Azure
you have a nice little figure
Azure Azure
thank you!
Ellis Dee
Police ruin everything, they've shut down every Bunny Cunts performance in saskatoon.

Heres a little clip from the Village at Shambles... this doesn't compare to the Fractal Forest!
Ellis Dee
Thats still warmer than the crappy prairies.

If you want to catch all of the best drum circles & fire dancers you need to experience Shambhala at least once. There is no happier place on earth, not even disneyland, its better than disneyland, for people there barter and sell narcotics in the open, regardless of what the stupid laws say.

Hopefully you get more.
Ellis Dee
I was thinking 25* is impossible in Kanada during this time of year, but summertime is warm I guess. Drum Circles are awesome, there is nothing more punk rock than a drum circle!
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