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Am Y
Glad to see LB still going strong and constantly innovating. How long has it been - 6 years now?! Wow. Real life has been far too hectic for me to maintain a consistent online presence, but keep up the good work guys; you are always in my heart! <3 from Singapore, Ammy
Am Y
I like you better in skirts! ;)
Am Y
This is a really nice look too - great dress and shoes! They look very lovely on you! I also like the sash!
Am Y
Hey Michaela! What's up??? Are you still @ the same address? I have moved. Can I write to you? (Btw your hair looks nice like that! I like this look on you a lot! There's some problem with the hype function and I can't hype anything. >:()
Am Y
That shirt is really cool, and I like it worn with the black long-sleeved shirt inside - it makes it look better!
Am Y
Thank you Marc. :) You are quite a showman yourself. ;)
Am Y
Thank you - that's one of the best compliments I've got! I've had mixed reactions about my hair. Being Chinese, the older generation of people here thought I looked "weird" with blonde hair, lol. Some even told me to dye it back to a darker colour! o__O I guess people here are still quite traditional...
Am Y
Haha, in my eyes, nothing can ever "pop" too much. It's good to stand out - standing out is outstanding! ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
Am Y
Aw, thank you so much Michaela! (And btw I LOVE your hair in your avatar picture!)
I have bad hair days so often! Argh!!! I need a haircut soon...
Am Y
Skinny jeans at £8! (O__O) Wow, you're even better at finding a bargain than I am!
Am Y
Haha, cute cat! Beautiful hair and lovely face. :)
Am Y
Still waiting for looks!!!
Am Y
*waves* Hi Kyle?!
Am Y
Hey Vitus, no posting here anymore?
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