Imena Ginac

Imena Ginac
Imena Ginac
Mine is haileighandjamie.com
why Haileigh and Jamie, well I always had another name and wanted to change but couldn't think of the perfect name. When I was talking to my boyfriend about kids names, we realised that they actually rhyme, haileigh for a girl and jamie for a boy. So I went for it
Imena Ginac
Thank you so much for your support <3
Imena Ginac
Damn Anita, you are rocking that outfit, and this pink coat <3 ohh love it By the way I would go like this to university !
Imena Ginac
Gosh John! you are an absolute inspiration! Serious question though : How are you managing to not get cold? keep going love it <3
Imena Ginac
Thank you so much for fannin Eugenia! It means a lot to me
Imena Ginac
wow, you look stunning. That look you got on your face really editorial material. great<3
Imena Ginac
This look is so cute. Even if it is held in nearly one colour, all the texture details are amazing. love it <3
Imena Ginac
Damn girl! You rock that outfit. The bag is so chic and in combination with those jeans and the shirt, it looks so cool like it<3
Imena Ginac
Great combination, and wonderful question. I would say yes :) even it is not
Imena Ginac
Hey there! you look is amazing, especialy the shoes and the vest. would love to have these pieces in my closet you're lucky one <3
Imena Ginac
I love your hair on this picture, the little bun has this special effect because of your ombre hair. And even if they re only black pumps, you got a great pair there, well done :)
Imena Ginac
cool ! hyped! check also my new look :)
Imena Ginac
Imena Ginac
the dress suits you perfectly. Wonderful look <3 hyped
Imena Ginac
wonderful! hyped!
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