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Karst Kafka
hiya! just thought that i should tell you : a lot of people have been asking if i have a BLOG.. well, finally i do! it's ... i really REALLY hope you like it and decide to follow! <3><3><3
lots of love and sunshine,
--laura xx
Karst Kafka
okay.. so um.. i've got a new look.. and i hope you don't mind me saying this.. but um.. well, basically i've got lots of people who want me to keep telling ya'll when i post a new look and there are some that don't and it's really hard to sort them out so basically if you really want to find out when i post a new look i suggest you become a fan.. PLEASE don't think i'm posting this only because i want you to become a fan! oh no! i'm just suggesting that, not saying you have to! so i'm just letting you know that i unfortunately won't keep telling you anymore.. so this is the last one.. but yeah, i posted a new look. ;) let me know what you think. :D
lots of love n' sunshine,
--laura xx
Karst Kafka
so.. ta-taratah-tah-tah-taa! new look. :)
--laura x
Karst Kafka
got some new looks, jic you're intrested. ;)
--laura x
p.s. do you want me to keep letting you know if i post sth. new? i have had many requests like that and i've been doing it for some time, but if it annoys anyone, i can stop it. ^^
Karst Kafka
updated again.. i REALLY do hope you'll like it..
Karst Kafka
new look again! :) hope you like it. :)
Karst Kafka
ha ha, i posted a new look today, just in case you're interested! :)
--laura xx
Karst Kafka
just in case you're interested - i posted a new look today! :)
Vee Key
we have the same name :)
Vania B
gracias amoour :) yo se esque pensamos igual :P haha, tu 1era foto tmb sera de downtown.. cual?
Vania B
helloo love! :)
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