Alithea Castillo
Aww thanks Lucy! I love your hair.
Alithea Castillo
Thank you for the hype! :)
Alithea Castillo
Simplicity at its finest! I love it! <3
Alithea Castillo
The oversized coat suits you well! Nice job!
Alithea Castillo
I love this look <3
Alithea Castillo
I love your drawings! I wish I knew how to draw as good as you. <3 Fanned!
Alithea Castillo
Hihi. Hello. :3 you have LB narin! Yay!!
Alithea Castillo
Hey babe! I'm back to lookbooking! I'm in love with your new looks! :) hihi you looks as pretty and perfect as always!
Alithea Castillo
Hi Saba! I've missed you, hun. I'm back. Your new looks are just awesome :) love this one!
Alithea Castillo
Hey hun, I've missed your looks! I'm back :) hehe. I love this red dress! And your hair suits you well :)
Alithea Castillo
Hi Amy, I love this new look. So preppy and laid back :)
Alithea Castillo
I was sad I didn't get the pink shorts I liked.. so, I just wore my mint skirt na lang to make up for not getting the one you were selling. :( Haha. Back story bigla. This look is just awesome!
Alithea Castillo
Daniella! I'm back! Haha. You're new look is just awesome. I love the play with the yellow. This is so chic! :)
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