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Steven Oviedo
haha yes we are !! i just dont know if me being in a black crow outfit with a sword and sheild is something all these fashion heads will like :) but soon..
Camila Cover
My name is Camila. I’m a journalist from a Brazilian international fashion magazine named Catarina. Every issue we do some pages for REAL LOOK.
You can see more here
Would you like to be on the magazine?
If yes, please let me know and send me a e-mail on this address:
[email protected]
Thank you
Ana .
aw haha yay for us redheads! :)
Chris Fox
How strange! Well, as far as I know - from what the band last said prior to the release of Reservoir - was that they were going solo, without a label. It's entirely possible that they sold some of the rights to Warner so that they could more easily distribute records in the United States. But I didn't hear about them signing officially with anyone. A mystery, it seems!
Chris Fox
The wonderful thing about it all is that they're barely getting started as far as being a band. One serious debut album and several EPs under their belt is a great way to start. Furthermore, they decided to ditch their record label! Which explains why they haven't been getting a lot of coverage on a broader scale. They're passing around slowly, by word of mouth. Which is definitely the best way to do it. :]
Chris Fox
Absolutely, completely, totally fantastic! I've been listening for a long time now... Ever since they were featured on the Black Cab Sessions, which was something like two years ago if I'm not mistaken. They're so fabulous, and Reservoir is most definitely the best album of 2009. :D
Zoë Harvey
You described them perfectly how they sound! and I really like it! eee new music! (cheesey boy face here) haha. oh ok! (I dont know much about macs >.> ) but my aim is...(dont laugh! Ive had it since I was 13 haha) zoeisamodel Ill sign on now!
Zoë Harvey
aww man! you have a mac :/ HEY you uploaded that camera obscura song! haha I just heard it while I was typing! I love it! I love the video too! they make refrencese to godard and jean paul belemondo (which I love!) and the girls purple tights are so cute ! >.< Ive actually always seen St. Vincent before, but never heard it! I always thought she looked really intresting! I have to look up those bands! espeically fanfarlo, if they sound like archade fire!
Zoë Harvey
I really like camera obscura too! I don't know much about them, but my boyfriend does! and from the videos I've seen of them, I throughly enjoy them! I think it would be a good winter album definatly! I havent heard of any of the other bands, but I will definatly look them up! I always tend to fall into this depressing funk during the winter time with my music/movies/art, but its a good thing really, I listened to the junior boys and sean lennon all winter long last year, and it is so nostalgic to me now. "in the morning" really speaks lengths to me. haha I enjoy talking to you!
Zoë Harvey
oooo I see! thats why I couldnt find it >.> haha, it was a very summer album! I love associating music with the seasons, I need to find a good winter album(s)...any I deas? ha.
Zoë Harvey
haha, it was the format song, I just loved it, it was very fun! but no you dont have to do that! people like to change their stuff once in awhile! I just thought it matched your style so well, and it was so catchy! Im going to go download NOW haha.
Zoë Harvey
awww you changed your song :/ I loved listening to it when I went on your profile haha, I should just download it already!
Estefania Blanco
You are welcome, I'm your fan xD
Arley Castro
so beautiful
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