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Mystery Bruises

Mystery Bruises

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Karla Simão
I love your style visit me too ....I hope your visit.... kisses
Camilla Berg
yeah, right?
camilla b power. :-D
Fox Girl
thanx ^.^
your pretty awesome your self.
Not Even
who knows it was to busy being high fashion to make sence silly
Aimee Bergstrom
haha no just drew round plates for the logo and a ruler for the letters :)
Aimee Bergstrom
and yeah i drew on the chanel logo myself
aha fabric pens <3
Emily H
awww, thankyou :D i'm a fan so i'll be updated; your fashion is beaut. :D
Emily H
hi, i sawyour two pics & wanted to know when a new one was to be uploaded; they're gorgeous! x
Not Even
Baby I know you do that to all the girls
You know that I'm fragile
I'm a cool low Jane
With a skip on my feet
I play tough as nails
With my heart on my sleeve
I'm nothing but a sandcastle
Baby don't blow me away away
Not Even
i like ripping them with my teeth
then spending hours putting
nail polish around the edge of it
so it dosnt ladder
ladder is a funny word

what came first
the chicken nugget or the egg mcmuffin
Not Even
ohhh yes i pilfer pictures wherever i can
butr thankyou
its my little page of bullshit
your blog is extra fun aswel
Nick L
txt me a time and place cause this arvo im picking you up after school to take some photos
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