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Julia Monson
hm, well I don't really have a lot of looks, maybe 30? I basically share a wardrobe with my Mother,
and if you look I use a lot of my clothes more than once, repeating them of course...ahaa believe me, I don't have infinite looks...I wish I did!
Slåinmejifolie D
thanks ! you too !!!!:---)
Ish Kargbo
sick style
Charley Feher
its out right now on the east coast / online (@ http;//
Cesar Guzman
i live Cuernavaca Morelos
Morelos is a one hour from mexico city, but this moment i'm taking vacations in miami
Cesar Guzman
the wether is warm!!
miami is hotter that mexico
Ian Lee
thank you for visiting *word~
there's no product i designed 'yet'
i'm working on it n it's gonna come soon
now i'm just making my own t-shirt by myself with silkscreen in my garage~!
heres my e-mail
[email protected]
i dont use aol. it's too much for short english talker like me~ lol
W. C.
you have to be kidding about who's Jessica Stam! lol.
Jaime Thunders
thanks mang!
Ian Lee
your blog is cool-
i love the way you think and your writing is my online store
i'm gonna design my own from this summer (for fword made!)
n your blog gives me a lot of inspiration~!!
glad to know rfv!!
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