Snafu ~

Snafu ~
Snafu ~
damm jeong where have you gone too, i see your still lurking on here ;)

hows things man, drop me a message
have you met up with our resident party man jason!!!
when you back in this big city
OI J !!!!
Snafu ~
you like swans ? iv just recently started listening to them :)
Snafu ~
biz your one and only
Snafu ~
have you seen the films
Snafu ~
where is the photo boy
i cant see anything
Snafu ~
got any cheese toasties in your hamper
Snafu ~
you look moody in a good way
Snafu ~
you are more than pretty
Snafu ~
ha holy shit im so ashamed no its cause uni has made me get fat so i didnt fit into any of my smart clothes so i needed some trousers ccp not dh these days. ha yeh aberdeen is very very small miss certain bits of it but glad iv broken away from it all not much style up there cant walk about wearing l'incognitos i even get strange comments wearing rick there. Where are you; studying in glas vegas? get posting representing the deen' here.
Snafu ~
ha crazy shit your in aberdeen, thats where i from didn't think lookbook reached that far north
Snafu ~
should you be at school
is this your jason

wanna see something funny

Snafu ~
where you located ?
depends on what your after and when etc if your thinking for 2009/2010 your too late already everywhere is full

its pretty brutal studying here, its not like you can get away from it, it takes over you got msn/skype ?
Snafu ~
i used to have those glases in black before i lost them
Snafu ~
ha ha
hall of fame NO1 !!! should be the title
im internet famous
it gets Snaf Simons approval
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