Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Thanks! This photo was taken in a high class golf course in Gran Canaria, so had to dress for the occasion!
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Thanks! The dress is from a market and actually has embroidery embellishments down the back too. Will try to take another shot of the dress this summer so you can see the detail on the back.
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Your style is the COOLEST! Wish you could do my hair and let me borrow your clothes!
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Love your matching colour tones in your hair and footwear.
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Thanks! You need a jumper and hat to cope with the windy British beaches!
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Looks like a shot from a magazine! Really cool!
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
This is EXCELLENT! Have posted a link to it on my Facebook page!
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Looks like a LOT of fun! Amazing outfits! I have shared some of them on my Twitter account @harajukuboutiqu
Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
I'm new to this website today! But am based in Brighton with my online jewellery brand harajukuboutique.co.uk Will be in touch about Brighton-based events if that's any help!

Harajuku Boutique Co.uk
Interesting article. Wish we could have come to your Sailor Moon party!!!!!!
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