Daniel S

Daniel S
Daniel S
LEILAA you have lookbook yay :D you probably won't even read this but heyyy from Dan hope UCL is good hahaaa xxx
Daniel S
that's me! and thanks it's not mine though
Daniel S
you're amazing
Daniel S
you deleted some lovely looks :(
Daniel S
two times might be one too much :)
this is such a sick photo
deserves a heart
Daniel S
kk bubbi, and about the text yeah, see him then :)
Daniel S
You know my cat shadow, if you see him can you tell me? he's gone missing, and I'll just look now bubs
Daniel S
no actuallyyy wait for your hair to be a bit longer first or they'll look well fake
Daniel S
really? shizen i didn't know
prefer your little ones to be honest :)
more lennony
Daniel S
The american apparel rummage sale @ brick lane :) I got the last pair <3
Daniel S
Yeah I love the shirt too :)
The glasses I stole from my friend, but I think they're from off camden market somewhere x
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