Ashley Bowman

Ashley Bowman
Ashley Bowman
There are a lot of assumptions in your explanation, there.
Ashley Bowman
I just think it is impolite to post something like that on someone's page... honestly, she would never do that to anyone. Shame that people do it to her. Opinions about people's bodies should be kept to oneself... you never know what someone is going through in their life, if they have a medical condition, or if they can't help it at all. Do you go to looks and call people fat? Same thing.
Ashley Bowman
Wear your hair like that more! It's amazing!
Ashley Bowman
soooo cute
Ashley Bowman
I love this so much.
Ashley Bowman
I'm in love with you <3
Ashley Bowman
that's rude.
Ashley Bowman
<333 your looks!
Ashley Bowman
It's actually a model. She is beautiful! Thanks!
Ashley Bowman
I'm also a designer, I like your designs.
Ashley Bowman
Mondrian technically used only red, blue, yellow, black, and white. But still very cute.
Ashley Bowman
Thanks so much! <3
Ashley Bowman
The whole outfit is my work. It's short, a bra, and a vest.
Ashley Bowman
It's not me, actually. It's a model.
Ashley Bowman
You deserve more hype.
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