Kayleigh Waterman
Love love love this kitty kat:) miss you, p.s look who finally posted after like 12685545 years hahahahaH
Kayleigh Waterman
I miss my best fraaaaand, get your booty home and see me.
Kayleigh Waterman
Miss you, love you
Kayleigh Waterman
Long shutter speed, high F-stop. It's just the lights from the city, and the movement made the lines.
haha I took this, so yeah.
Kayleigh Waterman
Nice photo credit,... cough cough.. hahahahah
Love you lots ltos lots!!!
Kayleigh Waterman
LOVE YOU. I miss my bestie. come home more often! grr
Kayleigh Waterman
Haha why? he's just a baby!!
Kayleigh Waterman
You look tall her my love ;) haha gorgeous as always
Kayleigh Waterman
We would upload ours within an hour of eachother haha :)
I got the ones I uploaded too.
Kayleigh Waterman
Florent! i love ya boy! and i love the look! I miss you though so you should probably text your favorite american more often, bro. ;)
Kayleigh Waterman
...? do I know you? hahah i know a few Jims, which are you refering to?
but thanks for the spell check:)
Kayleigh Waterman
My boyfriend sillly. text me, I forgot to reply to you when I woke up because I was half asleep!
Kayleigh Waterman
You always listen to me :)
Happy birthday my darling.
Kayleigh Waterman
Omg I love your hair. Haha :)
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