Ivy Robinson

Ivy Robinson
Ivy Robinson
thanks. my dad cuts my hair!
Ivy Robinson
the tee! i love dangerfield btw. <3
Ivy Robinson
well i cut up some fabric and sewed it together :)
Ivy Robinson
you have a thing for flags eh? me too. haha.
Ivy Robinson
ahahaha thank you :D
Ivy Robinson
so cute! i love your bow ties collection.
Ivy Robinson
and i've decided that we're gonna hang out. don't know when but we will. haha. i'll bring my camera too :D
Ivy Robinson
haha i got it at sydney airport! sucks, i know.
Ivy Robinson
AGHDBLFHEKG be my best friend haha. saying hi to you next year! :D
Ivy Robinson
OI YOU! you go to my school yeah? hi! haha. great shirt.
Ivy Robinson
that's a really beautiful photo.
Ivy Robinson
cuuuuuute. love the braces.
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