Macabre McMermaid

Macabre McMermaid
Alicatstrut S
Yeah, I'm actually kinda surprised it's from Interpunk and not Machete because Hellcat distributes through Machete and they were doing a lot of similar t-shirt designs - I can think of a particular one of The Hunns that's pretty similar style. But the truth is Interpunk could have been distributing all those same shirts and I wouldn't have known what with the forgetting about them for a while there. But, yeah, love that surrealist take on tattoo flash!
Alicatstrut S
You're not lying about HP. ;) Man, I haven't thought about Interpunk in a couple years.
Omar Terki
thanks for fanning macabre :) fanned u back ;)
Matt Geer
i love the darkness,keep it evil!too dope.
Ingrid Marie Kjelseth
Awesome outfit, you look amazing! And btw, you should be glad that you're about 2 meters tall, you're exactly what those models with all of their high heels are looking for xx
Bernardo Soares
Really cool photo!!!!
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