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Erica T.
it is indeed my natural hair color! just like yours. redheads unite!
Zoë Harvey
:[ well I hope your not too busy! dont wear yourself out!
Zoë Harvey
Thanks girl! post new looks soon!
Zoë Harvey
well, all in all I am really glad that you got my back ;] and that you share the same ideals, its really important to weed out the people who dont do anything/are mean/ ect and so fourth.

how was your weekend btw? anything fun happen? :D
Zoë Harvey
thankyou, alot! really means alot that you would stand up for me, that person is just some anymonys hater that contributes nothing to this community. thankyou again!
Blanka Pozos
i went to oxford to take english classes since i was gonna move to the states
yeah I loved it, it was amazing.
too bad i wasn't really interested in the things i am today, it woulve been a complete different story...
but that trip shaped the person i am today, mostly.
i just wanna go back so so so bad..
Blanka Pozos
You have to be 18 but if you look old enough and make friends with the people in there, it's like home for you lol
that sounds amazing though, i would love to go to santa fe, sounds like a lovely city :)

Ohh, I would love to live in England too, Oxford and London are probably my favorite places yet.
I lived in Oxford for a month on 2007, i had the best time ever.
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