Leanna Cortez

Leanna Cortez
Leanna Cortez
aw thank you! you're sweet :)
can't wait to see more looks from you
Leanna Cortez
I got them at a thrift store nearby where I live.
Leanna Cortez
awww thats very sweet of you to chose me with the deckest style of the day haha. i got no problem with it at all! :D
Leanna Cortez
saycheeseanddie! i was there that night my friend took this picture :)
Leanna Cortez
I shop at the ones close to my home here in Torrance and I go to Salvation Army a lot. I just look around really carefully and I seriously discover some pretty awesome finds!
Leanna Cortez
haha really? who?
Leanna Cortez
haha oh my! you're too kind :]
Leanna Cortez
nope! bought it at forever21 on saaaaaale :]
Leanna Cortez
awesome! do you go to school around here too?
Leanna Cortez
haha yes i did, and thank you :) <3
Leanna Cortez
haha yes. i had really short high waisted shorts underneath.
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