Amazing color combo, wow!
I love this color palette! This is super cute.
Love it! I feel like the hat and earrings really complete this look. I love that yellow shirt as well. Nice!
Wow ok literally all of your outfits are perfect. <3
Are those watermelon earrings? Adorable. I love this look.
I have this problem, too! It's especially annoying when my internet connection is slow and I never get to see them in the first place. Once I refresh the page they're gone forever.
This is gorgeous! I love it.
I love it! Yes, some rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion. I love this photo as well. Everything is perfect. <3
I'm very, very American. No other part of my heritage matters.

I do know that I'm distantly connected to Scotland, Ireland, and England (possibly the rest of UK as well?) on my mom's side. But those ancestors have been in the USA since the early 20th century, so I don't really consider myself Scottish, Irish, etc. However, I would love to visit those places one day.

On my father's side, I'm not so sure. I like to think I have Scandinavian ancestry since my last name is common in Sweden and Denmark.
Thank you! There are lots of nice trees in this area. They're very peaceful. <3
Yes yes yes yes. Clothes are for everyone. I personally believe all clothing should be gender-neutral, but I support people wearing whatever they want for whatever reason.
Can I just say that I'm really tired of the cold shoulder/off the shoulder trend? It's really cute on some tops, but not every shirt needs random holes in the sleeves. Also, my shoulders do get cold sometimes! ;)
Hippie can be colorful and flowery, but also has roots in rock n roll, psychedelics, and counterculture. It's a very political style. Much inspiration is taken from non-Western style clothing, especially from Africa, India, or Latin America. I know when people think of hippies, they think of flowers and peace signs and bell bottoms and stuff like that, but it's more diverse than that. Much fashion from the 60s and 70s (in America at least) could be considered hippie.

Boho/bohemian/"gypsy", on the other hand, doesn't have the kind of political/countercultural background that the hippie culture does. It's mainly a European creation, which is why it's named after a region in Czechia and is associated with "gypsies" or the Romani people. So I think being a hippie is usually a political statement, while being bohemian is more like an art style. Hippie is a movement, bohemian is a lifestyle.

Actual style-wise, yeah I think magic and crystals and occult symbolism is more associated with the bohemian style. And I think I've seen a lot of native American inspiration in boho outfits as well? Like dream catchers and turquoise and arrows and stuff. I wouldn't consider any of that to be hippie stuff.
I used to love Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance back when I was younger and "emo" culture was still in. Now both bands have changed and I'm not a fan of their new sound.
I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

What is your motto?
I'm conflicted about it. I have naturally curly hair and I've grown up believing curly hair is ugly and not as fashionable as straight hair. It actually still makes me annoyed when I see people complain their hair is too straight and doesn't hold curls... like, you realize you have something that is considered beautiful and you don't even have to work for it, right?

On the other hand, I'm slowly learning to love the hair I was born with. I think I'm making it my mission to show people that curly hair can be fashionable, too, the same way I refuse to wear makeup.
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