Maria B

Maria B
Holly Maulin
Classy - love the jeans!
Holly Maulin
Love your style - thank you for inspiration!
Cansın Ekşi
Love your classy style!
Gorgeous dress! :)
Cute skirt and boots! :)
Trzy Hoo
You look superb !
Wesley Smits
Wow!! You are so beautiful! Love the boots and the over the knee boots!
Selina M
I love a boyish outfit
Wesley Smits
Wow! You look absolutely amazing! Love the hair and the cap!!
Outfit Reviewer
You're knocking me dead with that outfit! WOW! I thought you were wearing a dress, but I noticed skirt in your description, so I look at your blog, and saw you were wearing a t-shirt. That's incredible that you got something so casual to look so good in an outfit of all otherwise dressy pieces. I love how the blazer contrasts with the black, and even though it's the only grey, it is so flattering in this look. By standing out, the blazer looks warm, yet the t-shirt and skirt get equal attention, even though they are in the background against the blazer, as the black is the predominant color in the whole outfit. The black cap provides continuity, adding to the effect.

The black is also flattering to your blond hair; the black really allows it to stand out, and it does not get lost in the grey blazer. I love when hair becomes an integral part of the look, as you have done so here.

Those boots are to die for! The heels add elegance to the look, and the boots look warm, and when combined with the blazer, you are ready for winter! I like the break between the top of the boot and the skirt's hemline, as the little bit of bare leg enhances the boots and the skirt by providing a delineation. The lack bag offers a little continuity to the look as a whole.

I absolutely adore the look you have put together.
Wesley Smits
Wow!! You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the cap and the boots! (L)
Kayla G
Awesome! Love the hat!
Wesley Smits
Love this look! Very classy!!
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