Zahraisabelle L

Zahraisabelle L
Zahraisabelle L
Ooh, I actually have no idea, they probably look way bigger than they are. :P The ones I have in the photo aren't real Timbs
Zahraisabelle L
Absolutely adore this look.
Zahraisabelle L
All of the jewellry you wear are so bomb.
Zahraisabelle L
You can interview me if you want.
I had and I just started
Zahraisabelle L
I'm probably not really what you're looking for, so I just came to wish you good luck!
Zahraisabelle L
-"Why is everyone on Lookbook posing with dogs and other animals? It doesn't make the outfit look better unless you are trying to distract from it. Which is not the point of showing off your outfit in the first place'

It could absolutely make an outfit look better though.
If you have a spotty outfit and you pose with a dalmatian? cuteness overload

On a different note, green sweets are the bomb dot com. green gummybears. prrr
Zahraisabelle L
Thanks mister, well appreciated!
Zahraisabelle L
"I HATE it when ppl say they are 'proud to be big', 'big is beautiful', or that 'girls are meant to look like this' NO girls are NOT meant to be overweight and prone to diabetes and heart attacks! Why are u proud of eating too much and being unfit? This is not even about looks, this is about HEALTH! Have u fat girls out there ever considered that? Instead of being in denial and say u love being fat, get off of ur ass and excercise or something, you guys are seriously unhealthy. Thats nothing to be proud of. Stick thin girls who starve themselves are not sexy either, u girls should eat more n excercise more! Whats wrong with u ppl! "

That was so stupid I'm surprised my eyes didn't start bleeding.
And why this obsession with weight and WOMEN bodies? Did you mention men once in this comment? It's clearly not concerning health, it's concerning your poor view of women and their bodies. So maybe you should first stop objectifying women, they are not just bodies, they all have stories.
Zahraisabelle L
I could steal this outfit right off your body! Honestly.
Zahraisabelle L
oh wow :) thank you ♥ i appreciate it!
Zahraisabelle L
Hii! Absolutely, it's from Pardon Le Dopeness, you can get it from their web store! :)
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