Marine Guillemette

Marine Guillemette
John Marine
This is kind of a Safari style outfit, though I am uncertain if any variation of pink is a good idea in the Safari. Anyhow, cool outfit with the pink cargo bottoms and the Safari style shirt! Cool hat, smile, and hairstyle as well. Hyped!
John Marine
The chunky sneakers are very cool. A shirt dress is a rather unusual choice as skateboarder wear, but you're really rocking it, as per usual with your outfits. So cheers to you! Hyped for sure!
Cielo Fronteras
Oh wow, I love it! Hyped! =)
John Marine
Awesome outfit! The jumpsuit is sweet along with the cool combat boots. I'm normally not the combat boot type, but these here are very cool with the colorful jumpsuit. Hyped for sure!
John Marine
Cool, colorful jumpsuit to go with the white combat boots. You look great- just like this sunset. Hyped!
John Marine
I like the skirt and boots here. Pretty smile and hairstyle too.
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