Carolyn W

Carolyn W
Carolyn W
Wow, omg. This is so gorgeous. Beautiful skirt!
Carolyn W
I'm really hoping it's not the end of Lookbook, but I am wondering if that's true.... The spam has been overwhemling this past year, and the forum has been dead for what seems like forever. Dear Lookbook, please help!
Carolyn W
I have this issue, too. I have not been able to share look for days, I have the same problem as Minimalissmo, and have also written them with no response. :(
Carolyn W
Ahh thank you <3
Carolyn W
YES that's such a better title than the one I came up with haha!
Carolyn W
I'm waitin' for snow so I can get out on skis!
Carolyn W
Thank you!
Carolyn W
Thank you!
Carolyn W
Hah! I am back home, I wouldn't go up to someone random's house like this!
Carolyn W
It was a fantastic trip! Lasted at home about ten days before setting off again to boondock. Half of me wants to sell everything and keep going :p
Carolyn W
Thank you, I do too! Bleached out the one leg myself one afternoon, it was fun!
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