Christina Anderstadt

Christina Anderstadt
Christina Anderstadt
absolutely perfect my heart ^^
Christina Anderstadt
thanks for being my fan <3
Christina Anderstadt
OMG you are also on lookbook now :D how great ^^
Christina Anderstadt
i LOVE it

title = Radiohead? ^^
Christina Anderstadt
awww thanks for being my fan :D how nice ! <3
Christina Anderstadt
i LOVE the shoes! and the song in your title ^^ Radiohead <3
Christina Anderstadt
RADIIIIOOOOOOHEAAAD are the love of my life *sigh* <33

hach und dich lieb ich au :D
Christina Anderstadt
huiiii und anina het jo au lookbook :D wie geil!!
dis bild isch genauso schön

<3 love Rosy
Christina Anderstadt
TOMCAT du sauuuu :D du geili sau tralala
Christina Anderstadt are too hot o.o
Christina Anderstadt
you are very right, Coldplay are such a special band. I already saw them live twice...but thats ages ago haha. i wanted to see them in September..but the tickets were sold out in less than 10 mins over here. its unbelievable. you are so lucky you got to see them this year.
hey, can i add you on myspace? :) you seem to be such a great person.
Christina Anderstadt
heyyy thanks for joining my fanclub haha ^^...oh i see ! well you know I bought their live DVD from 2003. and he said exactly the same thing there ! he seems to like repetitions..did you see them live? :) i love them
Christina Anderstadt
chris martin said that??? right ? :D before they played " trouble" ^^
Christina Anderstadt
i adore the cape <3
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