Christina Anderstadt

Christina Anderstadt
Paula Canavezi
you remind me of Alice Glass!
love her
Jazmin Hernandez
lovely dress, i agree with ignacio V.
i'm loving your hairstyle too
Joona W
thank you !! yes, radiohead (:
Johan Lindqvist
Oh, that's sad! Yeah, it's crazy how fast they sell out! My sister who bought our tickets called 15 minutes after the release and all we got were seats like three balconys up. Three out of six, but anyway ^^ Yeah, it was really a wonderful show I must admit. Yeah, feel free to do that, so do you ^^
Johan Lindqvist
Aah, I see! Haha, I guess he does. Yeah, they were here in Sweden just a few weeks ago so I went to see them then! It was really amazing. Even though I'm more of a electronica and hiphop-person I do really love Coldplay! Every song got something really special about it and Chris Martin is probably the greatest singer of second century in my opinion ^^
Pretty Lady
love the dress
Jessie S.
cute top! :)
Qin Su
so beautiful
Jamie Lin Snider
Micho Romero
you look perfect!
Meg C
love your hair
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