Miguel L.

Miguel L.
Miguel L.
thanks min! can't wait for your bungawon look :)
Miguel L.
thanks carlo! :D
Miguel L.
this one deserves more than the heart!

I just love your attention to detail and it does embody a true death eater. I just noticed in the last movie how detailed their clothes are, and it still shows in your creative interpretation.

You are definitely my style hero! Kudos Andre! :)
Miguel L.
moonleaf na yan! hahahah

I love your looks so much karl... very unique and complex while the color palette remains simple and muted. KUDOS! :)
Miguel L.
I love the black versus the gold...

you always post the most amazing looks.
Miguel L.
your cardigan is from heritage right?
Miguel L.
<3 this so much Andre...I love everything baroque and ornate...I was wondering how can I get a piece like that bib...cuz i live in the US but im going back to the PH in april...:|
Miguel L.
Your looks never cease to fascinate me. Awesome work!

I want to meet you sometime... I want to be your potential client for some bags :D
Miguel L.
<3 the shoes!
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