Lies S

Lies S
Lies S
je ziet er prachtig uit yvet!
Lies S
i really really love this so much!
Lies S
hee yvet! ik ben even fan van je geworden hier haha, wil weer een beetje meer actief zijn op lookbook :) x lies
Lies S
this is really cute!
Lies S
i really like this kind of collar underneath a jumper. now a top like that is on my wishlist!
Lies S
this outfit is perfect :) love your style
Lies S
love this! i want that jumper, it looks really frilly and soft
Lies S
love this! i'm still considering buying that bag, i'm lucky enough to live near one of the 3 little tiger stores in the netherlands so maybe i should just get it. i love tiger a lot :)
Lies S
i really love your style :)
Lies S
i love this outfit!
Lies S
ohh that dress is amazing! can't believe it was only 40 quid
Lies S
nice outfit! love the lime green shirt
Lies S
love that fur coat!
Lies S
that skirt is awesome! stands out even more because of all the black, love it.
Lies S
why delete it? it's lovely, looks good on you
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