Sally W.

Sally W.
Sally W.
Exact same issue here, it becomes off-putting to have such a seemingly poor reception to your looks. It seems there's an issue of just getting lost in all the posting... The same few are always featured though and I agree with what others have said that the spotlight should be shared and help up-and-comers more!
Sally W.
Stunning, love your trousers!
Sally W.
Crocs, Uggs - pretty standard, these should go unsaid! But also I can't deal with snapbacks (caps) and anything from Paul's Boutique - is this just a British brand? So trashy.
Sally W.
I find a lot of 'vintage shops' near me cash in a lot on people wanting vintage and so aren't much cheaper than high street clothes! If you really dig through charity shops/explore for cheaper vintage shops you can get some great pieces though! I find I have to be in a committed mood for thrifting in general..
Sally W.
Perfectly grungey ♥
Sally W.
Lovely and grungey, fab look!
Sally W.
Casual and cool
Sally W.
Gorgeous, that bag looks fabulous!
Sally W.
Love this, beautiful kimono!
Sally W.
Simply gorgeous
Sally W.
Gorgeous look, love all the accessories!
Sally W.
Just love, such a cool look.
Sally W.
These are gorgeous co-ords!
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