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Mara C
Mara C
Las Vegas, Nevada
St. Louis, Missouri
Glasgow, Scotland
Helmshore, England
Vancouver, Washington

Back in Las Vegas, probably gonna end up in St. Louis again.
Mara C
LA has amazing art museums and galleries, if that's your kind of thing. LACMA on Sundays is fantastic, and the Getty is just too cool.

Can't visit California without visiting an Amoeba Music store, either.
Mara C
Finally dyed it at 21, just used henna because I was scared of other dyes.
It was fun, not really fun enough to repeat, though.
Mara C
Identifying bodies only in terms of skinny or curvy is a false dichotomy of arbitrary distinctions.
Mara C
Scalp massage in the shower, stop using dyes, only air-dry or towel-dry it, stop applying heat to it. It may sound counter-intuitive, but get it trimmed regularly (every 8 weeks or so) to keep the ends stronger and fresher. A lot of hair growth is just genetic luck, but even folks like me who have won the hair lottery can weaken their hair. If you've got a slight curl to your hair, try avoiding brushes and combing it out with your fingers instead, or only use a wide-toothed comb when dry.

Some people will recommend vitamin supplements, but unless you're preparing to get pregnant and don't want to risk even the slightest vitamin deficiency, buying vitamin supplements isn't really a cost-effective way to go about getting longer hair. You should be getting that stuff directly from your food, anyway, whether it's for hair growth or for your health in general.
Mara C
I despise Gatsby because it was my English teacher's favorite book, and thus we spent way too much time on it and nitpicked it to no end. Shoulda just read it on my own, a lot of literature has been ruined/made boring for me by classes.
Mara C
I just started learning to sew in January and designed and sewed this dress:

Now I really want to spend my savings on a sewing machine, since I won't have access to one for at least four more months...
Mara C
Knowledge of Illustrator is pretty handy on job applications.
Mara C
Extra crunchy!
Hard to spread on anything but excellent for dipping into.
Mara C
Yep! I really liked it. I've never dyed my hair before, so I figured henna was a nicer way of going about doing that and trying out a really red color. I did it all on my own as well, and I got really even results.

I've got dark brown hair and used the Caca Rougue, which is the brightest one, and it did make my hair noticeably redder, especially when light hit it. I did keep it on for the full 8 hours to get as much color as I could, and it's crazy messy to prepare and wash out (it does look like actual diarrhea on your head). I recommend covering your kitchen floor with newspaper. :p

It faded out over a few months with no damage to my hair, which was great. You do want to be careful about wearing light colors the first few days after you use it, and shower regularly to wash out excess at the beginning. But after that, it's really stable.
Mara C
Making your own patterns seems way more appealing, especially if you invest in a little half-scale dress form and some muslin for draping and kind of work back and forth from it, measuring and modifying exact designs that way. If you're adamant about not using bleh-looking patterns (which I'd be as well), actually being able to see your patterns folding and curving on a dress form can help you get a better feel for how many parts need to be made, where things need to meet up, etc. I've found draping directly onto the dress form and measuring from it to be super helpful.
Mara C
You can always slap a grid over it at a half-scale printout as a reference, then draw it out for yourself full-scale on your own pattern paper.
Mara C
I studied there for 6 months, and it was awesome! Definitely go to the Necropolis, shit is coooooooool.

Also agree with bussing over to Edinburgh, it's a really easy trip even for just a day, and you basically end up right in the middle of the city surrounded by cool shit.
Mara C
Ehhh I wouldn't say this.

The varieties of wheat we use nowadays are much heftier grains. And we use flour as a filler in a LOT of products. People are exposed to much larger loads of these grains and their gluten than they ever were, even just 50 years ago, so it's not that surprising that it's causing more health problems.

It's probably helpful to cut down on grains that contain gluten, like wheat, but there are plenty of perfectly healthy people who eat it and don't have any problems. Maybe it's worth cutting it out to see if you feel better, but it's not something I think absolutely everyone should do.
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