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Amy Jasmine
i'm glad someone else i know has lookbook :P x
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Ah.... By cookbook, I obviously mean Loookbook! :) (typing on iPad does strange things to text)
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Great to hear from you. I'm always drifting in and out of cookbook these days....! trying to cope with the sudden temperature drop now. Well done for getting a good ni place. Re the beigeness of exeter... A friend of my mine once said either change the hood or change your hood!
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ok, so i'm back! you missed the hottest day of the year today (or maybe 2 years)
Anyway, enjoy HK! If ever I got the chance to go, I would heads straight for moustache!
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Oh. . . I have drifted away somewhat. Almost a year.... not deliberate. Hey I like your latest look. Have-a-Hype!
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what's up V..... I know it's been ages since I have been on here. no real reason, just drifted off. I like the composition and style of your recent shots.
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Those heels look amazing. I'm sure you will turn heads wearing them!
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Oh and thank you for the run down of the HK fashion scene. I liek to know what's going on style-wise everywhere.
Plus on the M&S snack point: Extremely Chocolatey Mini Rolls, fridged for an hour or two, then CRUNCH!
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Oh cool. Did you buy those?
They must make you stand (kinda) tall! :P
My new desk from IKEA got delivered today. I can finally use my computer properly instead of slouched on the floor.... I've got a lot of hyping and jamming to do...
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Thank you so much V.
It was a pleasant surprise to be asked...
Well I hope you are having fun in HK. I have quite a few friends from various provinces in China and it seems like such a varied and wonderful place to go.
It's quite funny what catches different people's eyes depending on where you're from.
Apparently one of the largest M&S is over there?
My friend squealed like an excitable toddler when she told me about it. I played along... Not really something a Brit can get too worked up about. M&S = pants + posh pies in my mind!
Makes our little country seem like a village in comparison....
.. .
Glad to find someone else who is as equally anti-sports as me! :P

Anyway, there are quite a few pop-up shops, erm.... popping up in the West End and Brick Lane these days.
I think because of the current economic climate, landlords are willing to let out their shops for any length of time - even it is only for one month.
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