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Ian W.

Ian W.

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Sam Jones
GO DENNY! // Ian, better think twice before saying something offending to a Filipino. Yer` lucky that Denny`s a nice guy.
Denny Balmaceda
the thing is you don't know me as a person to judge me. I do not view myself as better than everyone, if you are judging me because of the "asian sensation" "sicker than average"'s called having a sense of humor. You need to know me in person to judge me. I was not rubbing it to your face the success I had, I was just stating that if I wasn't fashionable...then I why do I get all these great things happen to me. But I value your opinion. No, it's not the only comment i've ever whole life I've been called names and brushed it off because I found it childish. The comments did not offend me at all, I just found it funny that you would be immature enough and post a comment, period. It's like seriously, you couldn't just keep it to yourself man? You seem like one of those of people that would call a fat person fat to their face. I would rather be that vain person you view me as rather than the person you might be.

but hey! good luck with life and truce. I just wanted you to know how I feel. and yea, post some looks cause you might end being my fashion icon, I AM your fan.
Denny Balmaceda
oh btw, I became your fan!

cause your steeze is hella sick son!
Denny Balmaceda
yea, i wasn't going to respond to you.

but what the hell right? You might be a fashion god that can just judge people.

hmm, you are right...I'm maybe no where near fashionable, I don't really care...I wear what I want for me...that shit makes me happy.

...but then's funny that I get features in magazines, blogs, get free clothes, oh and I'm also the number 2 guy i guess people hype me for not being fashionable. Oh no.

I guess wearing tank tops and taking "sweet" photography is the way to go.

I guess being un-fashionable kind of helped me! yay!

so grow up and keep comments to yourself if you have nothing to say cause I don't know what it does to you. I personally love haters, so thanks for the motivation!

good day sir.
Joyce Kwok
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