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Zoë Danielle Kaiser

Zoë Danielle Kaiser

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Lini Trinh - Céline Celine, Zara - R O S E
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Chloe Gillmar
Zoe, goodness, that's such a beautiful picture of an eye. Is that your eye? It's so pretty. Imagine me speaking this in a trance-like voice, becuase that's how I'm thinking it. And thank you. Yes I would love for you to call me little sister, that would make me giggle.
Chloe Gillmar
Now I'm 8! I changed my birth year to Sara's!
Chloe Gillmar
Haha, I know. I changed my birth year to Chase's.
Denny Balmaceda
thank you for being my fan =)!
Sarah S
Thanks for hyping baby <3
Chloe Gillmar
lol, is darby still somehow posting things in the photography forum?
Chloe Gillmar
Yes, she is supposed to invite you!
She's all *Chinese accent* "Should I invite Zoe?" and I was like "YES." Plus Ali and Ji Soo are supposed to come too.
Elizabeth Allen
thanks for becoming a fan! 'preciate cha ; )
Chloe Gillmar
i love you too man.
i have so much homework to do.
Oh! Are you going to Fair's party?
Chloe Gillmar
babysit for rich idiots :D
oh yeah, thanks for becoming my fan. i am totes blushing right now.
Chloe Gillmar
check yo email
we need to take pictures with the darby soon.
Chloe Gillmar
i sent you a private message, mademoiselle
Chloe Gillmar
thank you, thank you ^3^
Chloe Gillmar
yo Zo ;D
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